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TES131 The highest thumbers of episodes 51-75

10 months ago

An amazing bumper crop of skills to revisit this week πŸ† Shame half of them are dead πŸ’€

Top scoring skills

Six thumbs (9): Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny Santa Banter My Pizzaria Last Light in the Dark Dungeon Adventure Five Letters Fart That Tune Burglar Deterrent (+ routines) Escape Games

Five thumbs (7): Pioneer Trail Got It! Six Swords Nearest number Plex Film/Movie Quiz Bird Song

Four thumbs (34): Zombie Racing 70s Quiz 80s Quiz My Loft Package Hero Space Commander Colour Clash Puzzle of the Day Farm Tycoon America Letters Quiz Celebrity Edition Merlin's World Super Cards Super Blackjack Hypnosis Stop Smoking Word Wiz Santa Guided Meditation and One Minute Mindfulness Christmas Escape Visit Santa Number Chase Sound Jokes Apartment Escape Driving Theory Math Mountain Word Unscrambler Adventure Game Orc Pendulum Solar Chase Common Misconceptions My Pirate Desolate Board Game Daily Stretch Mountain of Thorns

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